The Heritage Museum includes both permanent and rotating exhibit galleries featuring historical artifacts, photographs, and documents from the Society’s collection.

Exhibit: “BB&T Bank Historical Exhibit Gallery”

Enter the gallery in an amazing wooded setting displaying Lenape tools. Winding through the remainder of the exhibit, visitors will find surprises around every corner: Pennsylvania German folkart, a large bell from the first county courthouse, seats from the Lehigh Valley Railroad, a cement barrel, General Harry C. Trexler’s desk, a spectacular Hess’s chandelier, and reminders of the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom through WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam War memorabilia.

The Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum’s permanent exhibit explores the Lehigh Valley’s history from the time before European settlement to the present in exciting and innovative ways. From the Lenni Lenape, through the settlement of the Pennsylvania Germans, to the development of nationally important industries such as iron, cement and silk, and into the present, this exhibit will introduce you to the valley’s rich history. Come learn about what has made the region unique as well as the ways in our area has participated in broader state, national, and international events.

Exhibit: “Native Americans of Eastern Pennsylvania: A Diverse & Evolving History”
Native Americans have inhabited Pennsylvania for more than 10,000 years.  Featuring hundreds of authentic Native American artifacts, this exhibition explores what archaeology tells us about the Native Americans of Eastern Pennsylvania.  FREE to members; non-members $8 adults, $3 children.  Exhibit and accompanying programs are sponsored in part by a grant from the Keystone Savings Foundation.

Exhibit:  “The Life & Legacy of General Harry C. Trexler
Explore the inspiring life and legacy of General Harry C. Trexler, industrialist, conservationist, and philanthropist. Learn about his many interests, hobbies, and business pursuits. Discover the greatness of Harry Trexler and his wife Mary. FREE to members, non-member adults $8, non-member children $3.

Exhibit: “The American Presidency”
This exhibition features Presidential portraits, campaign buttons, and commemorative pieces related to individual presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. Exhibit and accompanying programs are sponsored in part by grants from the County of Lehigh and the Sylvia Perkin Perpetual Trust.  FREE to members; non-members $8 adults, $3 children.

Exhibit:  “Donald P. Miller: Philanthropist, Community Leader and Businessman
Discover the impact Don Miller made by supporting more than 200 nonprofits in the Lehigh Valley. Learn how he established The Century Fund to help nonprofit organizations achieve success. View a media production about his life and legacy. FREE to members, non-member adults $8, non-member children $3.

Exhibit: “The American Revolution”
The American Revolution was a seminal event in world history. It created the United States and gave our country its identity. Explore how the American Revolution transformed America, inspiring it with many of America’s noble ideals: commitment to freedom and liberty, equality, constitutionalism and self-government. Learn about the tremendous sacrifices made by ordinary people to gain independence and create a new nation. FREE to members; non-members $8 adults, $3 children.