Church Records

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The following is a list of Lehigh County church, cemetery, and pastoral records held in our collection with the call number of 284.1 / LEHI. Note that this list is only for churches in Lehigh County.

Church and Cemetery Records (284.1):
Over 800 volumes of baptismal, burial, pastoral and cemetery records for Lehigh and neighboring counties; approximately 300 volumes for Lehigh County. Over 250 baptismal certificates (including fraktur), late 1700s through the early 1900s, indexed.

Agudath Achim Congregation Cemetery (Fountain Hill)
Allemangel Moravian Church (Lynn Township), 1745-1771
Allentown Cemetery Association (Allentown)
Asbury United Methodist Church (Allentown), 1891-1988
Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary Cemetery (Slatington)

Beth El Memorial Park Association (Whitehall)
Bethany Evangelical Congregation Church (Allentown), 1881-1988
Bethany United Methodist Church (Wescosville), 1959-1990
Bethany United Methodist Church Cemetery (Wescosville)
Bible Methodist Church Cemetery (Orefield)
Blumer, Rev. Abraham, 1773-1787 and 1772-1801
Bridge Street Presbyterian Church (Catasauqua), 1868-1936
Buffington, Rev. Charles Warren, 1957-1971

Calvary Cemetery (Limeport)
Calvary Mennonite Brethren in Christ Cemetery (Coopersburg)
Calvery Cemetery (Emmaus):
see St. Ann’s Catholic Church Cemetery
Cedar Church Cemetery (Cetronia)
Cedar Heights Cemetery (Wescosville)
Cedarbrook County Home Cemetery (South Whitehall Township)
Chestnut Hill Church (Lower Milford Township), 1773-1787
Chestnut Hill Church Cemetery (Lower Milford Township), before 1900
Chestnut Hill United Church of Christ
(Lower Milford Township), 1894-1990
Christ Lutheran and Reformed Church (Schoenersville), 1826-1902
Christ Lutheran Church (Allentown), 1904-1987
Christ Lutheran Congregation (Schoenersville), 1782-1833
Christ Reformed Church (Allentown), 1876-1981
Christ Reformed Congregation (Schoenersville), 1781-1856
Christ Union Church Cemetery (Schoenersville)
Church of the Good Shepherd (Alburtis), 1905-1987
Congregation Agudas Achim Cemetery (Whitehall)
Congregation Brith Sholom Cemetery (Fountain Hill)
Coplay Cemetery (Coplay)

Dubbs Memorial United Church of Christ (Allentown), 1902-2015
Dubbs, Rev. Jacob G., 1891-1952
Dubbs, Rev. Joseph S., 1822-1877

Ebenezer Evangelical United Brethren Church (Allentown), 1880-1971
Ebenezer Union Church (New Tripoli), 1868, 1890-1989
Ebenezer Union Church Cemetery Association (New Tripoli)
Ebert, Rev. Alfred Oliver, 1906-1934
Egypt Church Cemetery (Whitehall Township)
Egypt Church yard (Old Egypt Church yard, Whitehall Township)
Egypt Reformed Church (Whitehall Township), 1734-1895
Emile Zola Cemetery (Fountain Hill)
Emmanuel Church of the United Brethren Cemetery (East Texas)
Emmanuel Evangelical Church (Catasauqua), 1884-1965
Emmanuel Evangelical United Brethren Church (Wescosville), 1936-1971
Episcopal Church of the Mediator (Allentown), 1867-1990
Evangelical Church Cemetery (Emmaus)

Fairview Cemetery (Allentown)
Fairview Cemetery (Macungie)
Fairview Cemetery (Slatington)
Fairview Cemetery Association (Catasauqua), 1938-2002
Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church (Mickleys), 1861-1990
Faith United Church of Christ (Center Valley), 1967-1990
Fegley, Rev. Henry Swinehart, 1874-1906
First Presbyterian Church of Allentown (Allentown), 1847-1988
First United Presbyterian Church of Hokendauqua
(Whitehall Township), 1858-1987
Fogel, Rev. Edwin J., 1864-1917
Fogelsville Union Cemetery (Upper Macungie Township)
Fountain Hill Cemetery (Fountain Hill)
Friedens Church (Upper Saucon Township), 1793-1990
Friedens Church Cemetery (Upper Saucon Township)
Friedens Union Church (Washington Township), 1847-1959
Friedens Union Church Cemetery (Washington Township)
Friedensville Reformed and Lutheran Congregations:
see Friedens Church (Upper Saucon Township)

German Baptist Cemetery (East Texas)
Gethsemane Cemetery (Catasauqua)
Good Shepherd United Church of Christ (Slatington), 1917-2009
Grace Evangelical Congregational Church (Allentown), 1901-1990
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (Allentown), 1894-1980
Grace Evangelical United Brethren Church (Allentown), 1904-1971
Grace Lutheran Congregation (Macungie), 1893-1976
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church (Catasauqua), 1867-1952
Grace United Church of Christ (Allentown), 1899-1987
Great Swamp Church Cemetery (Lower Milford Township)
Great Swamp Reformed Congregation (Lower Milford Township), 1736-1939
Greenwood Cemetery (Allentown)

Heidelberg Church (Heidelberg Township), 1740-1978
Heidelberg Evangelical Lutheran Congregation
(Heidelberg Township), 1768-1850
Heidelberg Union Church Cemetery (Heidelberg Township)
Helffrich, Rev. Johannes Heinrich, 1790-1810
Helffrich, Rev. John, 1816-1862
Hellfrich, Rev. William, 1852-1894
Herman, Rev. Alfred Jasper, 1853-1907
Herman, Rev. Charles Gebler, 1815-1861
Hess, Rev. Samuel, 1827-1875
Highland Park Cemetery (Allentown)
Hillside Cemetery (Whitehall)
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (Slatedale), 1901-1974
Holy Trinity Memorial Lutheran Church (Catasauqua), 1873-1988
Holy Trinity United Church of Christ (Slatington), 1917-1959

Immaculate Conception Church Cemetery (Allentown)

Jacob’s Union Church (Jacksonville), 1840-1986
Jacob’s Union Church Cemetery (Jacksonville)
Jerusalem Church Eastern Salisbury (Salisbury Township), 1759-1989
Jerusalem Church Eastern Salisbury Cemetery (Salisbury Township)
Jerusalem Church Western Salisbury (Salisbury Township), 1734-1995
Jordan Lutheran Church (South Whitehall Township), 1741-1907
Jordan Lutheran Church Cemetery (South Whitehall Township)
Jordan Reformed Church (South Whitehall Township), 1765-1858
Jordan United Church of Christ Cemetery (South Whitehall)

Keller, Rev. Eli, 1874-1913
Keller, Rev. John F., 1907-1939
Keneseth Israel Cemetery Association (Allentown)
Kressley, Rev. Thomas M., 1891-1952
Krick, Rev. Thomas H., 1904-1930

Laurel Cemetery (Whitehall)
Lehigh Church (Lower Macungie Township), 1750-1896
Leopold, Rev. Owen, 1859-1902
Lowhill Church (Lowhill Township), 1769-1870
Lowhill Church Cemetery (Lowhill Township)
Lynnville Cemetery (Lynn Township)

Macungie Baptist Church Cemetery (Macungie)
Memorial Presbyterian Church of Lockridge (Alburtis), 1870-1956
Methodist Episcopal Church (Allentown), 1857-1865
Mickleys Cemetery (Mickleys)
Mickleys-Schoenersville Lutheran Parish (1932-1941)
Miller’s Church Cemetery (Laury’s Station)
Moravian Church (Emmaus), 1754-1869
Moravian Church Cemetery (Emmaus)
Moravian Church of Coopersburg (Coopersburg), 1955-1990
Morganland Church Cemetery (Lowhill Township)

Neffs Church. See Union United Church of Christ and Unionville
Evangelical Lutheran Church
Northwood Cemetery (Emmaus)

Old Allentown Cemetery (Allentown)
Old Zionsville United Church of Christ Cemetery (Upper Milford Township)
Oswald, Rev. James O., 1902-1927
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery (Whitehall)

Presbyterian Church of Catasauqua (Catasauqua), 1842-1988

Rahn, Rev. Clarence R., 1923-1970
Rath, Rev. William, 1852-1871
Redeemer Lutheran Church (Allentown), 1926-1990
Resurrection Cemetery (Wescosville)
Resurrection Cemetery Polish National Catholic Church (Whitehall)
Rittersville Cemetery (Allentown)

Sacred Heart Cemetery (Allentown)
Salem East Texas Evangelical United Brethren Church (East Texas), 1936-1971
Salem United Church of Christ (Allentown), 1851-1986
Salem United Church of Christ (Catasauqua), 1875-1987
Salem United Methodist Cemetery (East Texas)
Salem United Methodist Church (Allentown), 1880-1962
Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery (Zionsville)
Saucon Mennonite Church Cemetery (Upper Saucon Township)
Schlossers Church (Unionville). See Union UCC and Unionville
Evangelical Lutheran Church
Schoenersville Cemetery Association (Schoenersville)
Schoenersville-Rittersville Lutheran Parish (1906-1911)
Seiberlingsville Cemetery (Weisenberg Township)
Seibert Evangelical Congregational Church (Allentown), 1891-1988
Shari Shalom Cemetery (Whitehall)
Slatedale Cemetery (Washington Township)
Slatedale Lutheran Church (Washington Township), 1901-1954
Solomon’s United Church of Christ (Macungie), 1843-1991
Solomon’s United Church of Christ Cemetery (Macungie)
Sons of Israel Cemetery (Whitehall)
St. Andrew’s Byzantine Catholic Church Cemetery (Whitehall)
St. Andrews United Church of Christ (Allentown), 1900-1994
St. Ann’s Catholic Church Cemetery (Emmaus)
St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church (Allentown), 1913-1989
St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church (Coopersburg), 1891-1990
St. John’s (Millers) Reformed Congregation (Laurys), 1868-1950
St. John the Baptist Slovak Church Cemetery (Allentown)
St. John’s Church (Fogelsville), 1836-1881
St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (Allentown), 1852-1987
St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (Emmaus), 1882-1932
St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (Slatington), 1871-1988
St. John’s Fullerton United Church of Christ (Whitehall), 1902-1987
St. John’s Lutheran and Reformed Church Cemetery (Emmaus)
St. John’s Lutheran Church (Coplay), 1873-1988
St. John’s (Miller’s) Reformed Congregation (Laurys), 1868-1950
St. John’s United Church of Christ (Allentown), 1866-1985
St. John’s United Church of Christ (Coopersburg), 1893-1989
St. John’s United Church of Christ (Emmaus), 1876-1988
St. John’s United Church of Christ (Fogelsville), 1906-1987
St. John’s United Church of Christ (Mickleys), 1850-1973
St. John’s United Church of Christ (Slatington), 1907-1988
St. John’s Union Cemetery (Mickleys)
St. Joseph’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (Allentown), 1888-1990
St. Lawrence Cemetery (Catasauqua)
St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (Allentown), 1888-1987
St. Mark’s Cemetery (Allentown)
St. Mark’s United Church of Christ (Allentown), 1885-1989
St. Mary’s Ukrainian Orthodox Cemetery (Fullerton)
St. Matthew’s Evangelical Congregational Church (Emmaus), 1902-1990
St. Matthews Lutheran Church (Allentown), 1890-1986
St. Michael’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (Allentown), 1876-1986
St. Michael’s Byzantine Catholic Church Cemetery (Whitehall)
St. Paul’s (Blue) Church (Upper Saucon Township), 1740-1990
St. Paul’s (Blue) Church Cemetery (Upper Saucon Township)
St. Paul’s (Blue) Reformed Church (Upper Saucon Township), 1802-1965
St. Paul’s Church Cemetery (Seiberlingsville)
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (Allentown), 1785-1986
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (Trexlertown), 1785-1968
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Catasauqua), 1853-1987
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Cementon), 1900-1990
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Fountain Hill), 1888-1990
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Trexlertown), 1907-1955
St. Paul’s Union Church (Trexlertown), 1784-1882
St. Paul’s Union Church Cemetery (Trexlertown)
St. Paul’s United Church of Christ (Allentown), 1912-1989
St. Peter’s Church (Lynnville), 1857-2001
St. Peter’s Evangelical Church (Allentown), 1867-1988
St. Peter’s Union Church (Rittersville), 1842-1913
St. Peter’s Union Church (Upper Milford Township), 1844-1857
St. Stephen’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (Allentown), 1900-1988

Trexler Park Cemetery (Allentown)
Trexler Private Burial Ground (Upper Macungie Township)
Trinity Evangelical Congregational Church (Allentown), 1892-1988
Trinity Memorial Lutheran Church (Allentown), 1921-1989
Trinity Reformed Church (Coplay), 1868-1922
Trinity United Church of Christ (Allentown), 1892-1987
Trinity United Church of Christ (Coplay), 1868-1957
Trinity United Methodist Church (Allentown), 1970-1986

Union Cemetery Association (Slatington)
Union Church and School Association (Dillingersville), 1744-1790
Union Church Cemetery (Neffs)
Union Evangelical Lutheran Church (Neffs), 1797-1985
Union United Church of Christ (Neffs), 1765-1985
Union West End Cemetery (Allentown)
United Mennonite in Christ Cemetery (Upper Saucon Township)
Upper Milford Evangelical Church Cemetery (Zionsville)
Upper Milford Mennonite Church Cemetery (Upper Milford Township)

Vera Cruz E. C. Church Cemetery (Upper Milford Township)

W- X- Y
Weaver, Rev. Robert C., 1874-1910
Weisenberg Church (New Tripoli), 1758-1976
Weisenberg Union Church Cemetery (Weisenberg Township)
Welsh Cemetery (Slatington)
Western Salisbury Union Church Cemetery (Salisbury Township)
Woodlawn Memorial Park (Allentown)
Yeager, Rev. Joshua, 1802-1888

Zeller, Rev. Daniel, 1825-1867
Ziegel Church Cemetery (Weisenberg Township)
Ziegel Union Church (Weisenberg Township), 1744-1963
Zion Brethren of Christ Cemetery (Upper Macungie Township)
Zion Church of the United Brethren in Christ Church (Allentown), 1865-1970
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Congregation Cemetery (Old Zionsville)
Zion Evangelical United Brethren Church (Emmaus), 1936-1970
Zion Lehigh Church Cemetery (Lower Macungie Township)
Zion Lutheran Congregation (Old Zionsville), 1757-1903
Zion Reformed Church (Allentown), 1765-1989
Zion Reformed Church (Old Zionsville), 1756-1881
Zion Reformed Church Cemetery (Old Zionsville)